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Today it’s absolutely essential for every business to have a website. You can hire a developer or do it yourself. Web developers do not work for free, they have bills to pay too. But with the right planning, time allotment and hard work you can have a businesslike and ready to go to work website up and competing in the global economy fairly fast. Here are some tips. For one, know your market (this is part of your business plan). What attracts your target audience: graphics that get attention and are relative to their market. What type of font is easy to read and is the right size and color? How do they talk ? Using terms that they or a researcher will recognize, keywords, and avoiding jargon that will deter the less informed researcher is important to consider.

Remember to have an “about’ page or area, customers want to know who you are and why they should buy from you A picture of you, your location or any service vehicles will establish a visual connection.
A contact page is very important as well. E-mail, an 800-number and a mailing street address confirm your reality and make a buyer feel secure. Congratulations on your new web presence.

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