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Keeping costumers happy is the heart of running a successful business. Your website is sometimes the first impression people get so you want to make sure it is easy to navigate and very interactive. Here are a few tips keeping your website all about the costumer:

Social Media
Building a social media presence is the most efficient way to interact with costumers. Linking your company social media page your website allows for costumers to get to know your company and always gives them quick access to your information.

Write up a weekly or monthly newsletter that has the most up to date information on what is new and exciting about your brand. Let costumers sign up to receive these newsletters via email which will keep them in the know and interested.

Having a company blog is a good way to provide informal blurbs about your field of expertise and let people comment or post their opinions and feedback.

Open House
If your company has a location aside from an online, set up a date to have costumers interact with you, your team, or your products. Let costumers know about this opportunity through social media reminders and email newsletters.The information party rocks on: A Little Less Media And A Lot More Social

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